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Make extra money by connecting small businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to HelpGrowUSA’s “GROWTH DASHBOARD”.  It is completely free to join our affiliate program and you can become an affiliate no matter where in the world you reside!


Earn 25% commission + 15% recurring monthly commissions with ClickBank’s ONLY business intelligence dashboard.


HelpGrowUSA’s Growth Dashboard is trusted by thousands of businesses from solopreneur startups to 200+ employee organizations. Check out how you can help yourself by helping others!


Clickbank Affiliate Projected Estimated Income

Earnings Disclaimer:


These are merely projected estimates and by no means does it guarantee that you will generate revenue as a HelpGrowUSA affiliate referral partner.

Are you ready to begin generating a passive, residual income stream for yourself?


We use Clickbank to run our referral affiliate program. We pay you 25% commission for every sale that you refer, and 15% on a monthly basis after the initial sale for the LIFETIME of that paying account.

1) You will need to be a member of in order to become an affiliate.

Don’t have a Clickbank account?    SIGN UP HERE – IT’S FREE

2) After you become a member, simply click on the following link & enter your ID, and it will automatically generate your affiliate link (“YOUR-AFFILIATE-LINK”) which you’ll be able to ‘plug in’ to the promotional resources we’ve created for you.

–> Generate YOUR AFFILIATE LINK I.D. here <–

3) Now that you have ‘Your-affiliate-link’, you’ll be able to promote this link on Youtube, websites, blogs, emails, articles, search engines, and anywhere else on the web.  You’ll also be able to use your link & plug it into the promotional resources we’ve provided such as banner ads, email templates, etc.

Below you will find many tools and resources you can use to promote your link. In each of these codes and resources be sure to replace the YOUR-AFFILIATE-LINK‘ with your UNIQUE, AFFILIATE LINK ID.

This way you can be sure that you will get paid for every single sale you make!

Business intelligence can be scary. Growing your business should not be. If your customers operate any kind of small business, they will EAT UP getting their own Growth Dashboard!


Now that you have your very own ‘YOUR-UNIQUE-AFFILIATE‘ ID ready, it’s time to have some fun!

HGUSA Growth Dashboard Banner

Copy & Paste + Insert Your Affiliate ID

<a href="YOUR-AFFILIATE-LINK"><img border="0" src="" target="_blank"></a>
HelpGrowUSA Growth Dashboard

Copy & Paste + Insert Your Affiliate ID

<a href="YOUR-AFFILIATE-LINK"><img border="0" src="" target="_blank"></a>

Maximize your subscriber list & earning potential by informing your network about the benefits of adopting a Growth Dashboard for their business.


Simply drop your ‘YOUR-UNIQUE-AFFILIATE‘ ID into the email content & distribute to your list of contacts.

Subject Titles

  • Increase your ROI with data-driven decisions
  • Ready to increase your business efficiencies by 75+%?
  • A single place for all your real time business info
  • Earn more & save time with the simplest business intelligence tool

Email Body Content

Example 1

Hello {!firstname},


If you’re tired of wasting time collecting data across all of your small business apps, it’s time to look at the Small Business Growth Dashboard.This is business intelligence made specifically for companies like yours.


Put all your small business programs in a singular, centralized view for a real-time pulse check on the state of your business. You can integrate up to 200 applications that include QuickBooks Online, Salesforce, PayPal, Mailchimp, Facebook, Twitter and more.

By managing all your data in a single, centralized hub you can better assess present operations, identify cause-and-effect situation and gain a predictive view into the future of your small business.

This intuitive solution is quick and easy to set up with a checklist that lets you onboard in minutes.

Check it out today!


Do take a peak, and prepare to be amazed!



  1. Even if the Growth Dashboard isn’t for you, you can sign up for a free small business newsletter filled with survival strategies, advice and inspiration.



Example 2

Hey {!firstname},

Did you know there is a new, growth dashboard for small business that brings all your existing apps together in one place. With this singular, centralized view, you can make informed decisions using your real business data.

It’s time to make data meaningful with a solution geared towards pure productivity and small business grow. Stop sifting through spreadsheets, online programs and financial apps. Put all right in front of you, right now.


Integrate your existing apps into the dashboard within a matter of minutes, including:

  • QuickBooks Online
  • Salesforce
  • Mailchimp
  • PayPal
  • Facebook, Twitter
  • Oh and 194 more apps to choose from

It’s a seamless setup that can put your small business miles ahead of the competition.     


Check it out! This is a small business game changer…


To your success,


  1. Have a look. Word is you can also sign up for a free small business newsletter filled with survival strategies, advice and inspiration.


You’ll be amazed at how good it feels helping Small Businesses across the nation experience a 75% or greater increase in their productivity!


Below is descriptive copy, images, and video that you can use to further educate your audience to increase the likelihood of a buying decision.

Growth Dashboard Playlist Series:

YouTube Channel Link HERE

How can our Growth Dashboard benefit your business?

Whether you operate a local pizza shop, are growing a music & talent agency, or building a mobile entertainment & catering company, you can benefit from managing all the critical components of your business from ONE centralized location; your fully customizable, wholly integrated ‘Growth Dashboard’.

HelpGrowUSA Growth Dashboard Macbook Overlay
HelpGrowUSA Growth Dashboard | All data in one place

Build on a STRONG foundation.

Don’t waste time & let important tasks fall through the cracks any longer.  Build & refine strong business processes to ensure your sustainability for years to come.  Gone are the days of wondering “THIS” or having to search for “THAT”, because ALL of your critical business info can be brought into your Growth Dashboard from the start!

Hand off the heavy lifting.

With customizable recurring reporting and soon to be released real-time KPI management, you’ll always have a real-time pulse on the lifelines of your business. Get the answers you need, when you need them, and share that information at will with all of your relevant stakeholders to ensure all parties are on the same, results driven page!

HelpGrowUSA Growth Dashboard | Screen / iPhone view
HelpGrowUSA Growth Dashboard | Native Integrations

Everything you could want, and more.

Every business is unique, although we think you’ll find all the things you’re looking for when it comes to your business.  With over 200 native integrations and API capabilities, there’s not much that your Growth Dashboard won’t be able to handle.

Just take a quick look at some of these Growth Dashboard examples….

Bulleted Features:

  • Over 200 native integrations
  • Real time data
  • Simple to use interface & setup
  • Customize & recurring reports

  • Historical data storage
  • Unlimited users per account
  • Tailor your styling, widgets, & more
  • TV mode for viewing ease

  • Dedicated Growth Analyst
  • In-platform help & support
  • Web & mobile optimized
  • Share view-only URL’s