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Application Criteria

  • Ability to deliver work milestone and projects on time

  • Motivation to expand your skillset and also earn more work

  • Passion for helping others achieve their goals

  • Pristine communication skills & attentiveness to detail

  • Access to a computer or laptop to complete your work

Benefits of Joining

  • Work efficiently & effectively within our platforms

  • Find rewarding projects & work when you want

  • Work remotely from the comfort of your home

  • Immediate access to funds when work is accepted (80/20 rev share)

  • Access to our Academy where you can expand your skills

How to Apply

  • Click the “Qualify Here” button below

  • Register your HelpGrowUSA account

  • Get introduced to our Academy

  • Enroll & Complete the “Freelancer Certification Course”

  • Expand your skills with new courses & start earning work!

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