Small Business Networking 2.0

Localized communities; meet national networking possibilities.  HelpGrowUSA will be launching Small Business Networking 2.0 shortly. Read on for more details.

Business Networking 2.0 will have the best of social media, Meetups, Amazon, and BNI.

Socially Driven Engagements

As part of the community, you will have the opportunity to expand your network geographically, by your interests, challenges, expertise, and more!

Establish Your Reach as a leader

On a state / county / town level, we’ll be working with ‘Community Leaders’ to help them establish groups of localized businesses for pure network growth.

Would you like to build up your influence & standing in your localized network?

Localized Communities | National Scale

When members join the HelpgrowUSA Business Community you’ll be guided to select your interests, expertise, and more so you can easily & quickly establish meaningful connections & access relevant information.  The entire community is geographically tracked, so if you sign up while in California & then log in from New York, you’ll always see members & events relevant to your immediate area!

Localized Communities - National Scale
Social Media

Content. Events. And more.

The community is built on active members engaging one another, sharing their thoughts & experiences, and helping one another out whenever possible.  As a member, you’ll be able to seamlessly engage with other members of the community, attend online & in-person events, distribute polls & get actionable member sentiment, and more.

Marketplace to buy, and sell!

One of the standout features of HelpGrowUSA’s business community will be the focus placed on fostering a vibrant marketplace where members can market their products & services to other members and do business in a secure environment.  As a vendor you’ll be able to dive deeper into your immediate geographic area & open up your national market as well. As a buyer, you’ll be able to purchase from the BEST B2B providers across the nation all from a SINGLE spot!  …. Did we mention this can all be done on the mobile app as well?

Marketplace to Buy & Sell
Flourish Now & Grow

Flourish now, and maximize your future.

Our business community will cater to existing B2B & B2C markets, but we also plan on having a gradual course learning environment where you can take your current business (or even build a new one) & earn certifications that will open you up to more expansive markets.  Whether you’re just starting out, or have been growing your business for 30+ years, you’ll never be ‘capped’ at where you are as part of our business community!

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