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$ 500 Dollars
Wasted, on average, by businesses every year (survey results from 3K+ submissions)
10 Hours
Spent by businesses doing 'research' every year (survey results from 3K+ submissions)
0 % Percent
Increase in savings through practicing co-operative buying
On-Demand Service Beta

Built for business owners, by business owners — HelpGrowCT is a proud addition to America’s Small Business Engine!  With a membership, you’ll immediately have access to:


  • A subscription audit which we’ll then create a customized analysis for how you can save thousands of dollars per year
  • Your very own customized business dashboard that will help you navigate the network
  • Access to our business to business marketplace that hosts solutions, vetted talent, and more
  • Over $1MM and growing in discounts and perks


Markets work. Put America’s small business marketplace to work for you today.

Not only will you be able to experience the near immediate gratification & value from a membership, but you’ll consistently have access to:


  • 24/7 on-demand business growth & support services
  • Localized networking events on a national level
  • Monthly submissions to D&B to develop your business credit every month
  • A trade reference whenever you need one (1 year membership required)
  • $1MM in digital liability coverage
  • A membership card to access even more premier benefits (coming soon!)


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On-Demand Service Beta

Simple Pricing

Just $34 per month

Here’s what you get for less than a cup of coffee per day

$1 Million in Digital Liability Coverage

In the case that your brand gets tarnished in the digital ecosystem, we will provide resources to help you get it restored in a timely fashion.  Sleep better at night knowing you are covered with all things cyber!

On-Demand Growth & Support Service

The business experts at HelpGrowUSA are standing by to meet any need your business may have in 24 hours or less (or your next month is on the house!)

Monthly Credit Submissions to Boost Your Score

We’ve partnered with Experian so that you can develop your business’s credit every month. For members with us longer than one year, you can also list us as your trade reference.

Curated Dashboard to Navigate the Marketplace

Contact our business experts anytime, right from your dashboard

Get projects done by vetted freelancers, get advise from the best business advisors in the world, and crowdsource business knowledge – all from your dashboard!

On-Demand Service Beta

Check out all marketplace solutions with steep discounts & thorough reviews so you can make an educated decision for your business

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Above & Beyond Value

For just $34 per month

What you can do with America’s Small Business Engine behind you?

Meet Susan

Susan of Miracle Cookie & Co knew how to make a delicious cookie, but when it came time to set up inventory management systems she didn’t know where to start! 


However, as a HelpGrowUSA member, all she had to do was ask & our team of business efficiency experts provided her with (3) solutions to narrow her choice between + an accredited advisor to help her make the decision!

Meet Jefferey

Jeffery of BP Auto Services was spending nearly $30,000 per year on his marketing plan.


As a HelpGrowUSA member, he just simply asked if there was a cheaper way & our team of business efficiency experts saved him 35% on his CRM system + connected Jeffery with a qualified freelancer from our network who took on the creative design of his campaigns for 80% cheaper than his marketing firm charged!

Meet Sarah

Sarah, a recent college graduate, wanted to try her luck at being an entrepreneur after school, as opposed to looking for a more traditional job. A marketing major and avid social media aficionado, she wanted to start a social media management company, but didn’t know where to start.


As a new member of HelpGrowUSA, she asked for a startup starter package to help her get the ball rolling & our team of business efficiency experts connected her with a group of other new entrepreneurs, plus provider her a starter package including a website, basic accounting software, social media management platform, and a payment processor to accept billing + an advisor with experience in the space!


Hopefully, once Sarah builds a bit more of a track record, she’ll become a qualified freelancer in the HelpGrowUSA network!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a membership last for?
Memberships automatically renew every 30 days.
Do you offer any discounts or free trials?
We offer discounts for non-profits, Chamber of Commerce members, startups, educational organizations & veteran owned businesses.  There are free trials available & if you have a code from a community partner, you can input it during your signup registration.
Is there a cancellation policy?
No, you can cancel at anytime by reaching out to our support team directly accessible from your member dashboard.

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