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Step-by-Step of Posting a Successful Project

Step 1: Creating Your Project

Clicking on the links will open up in a new tab


  • Craft a Job Name that is suitable for the value that you’re offering to the Marketplace


e.g. “Digital Advertising Design Guru” or “Financial Planning & Budget Restructuring”


  • Input your desired price, your turnaround time, and select a generic category most relevant to your posting

Clients can message you & even submit a “Custom Offer” for pricing

Step 2: Crafting Your Message

Content Structure

Intro section: Start with a short paragraph introducing your service

Bulleted deliverables: Break down the deliverables a client can expect to receive when purchasing your offer

Extended content: Add 1 – 3 paragraphs further detailing your core offer

Bulleted “Add-Ons”: Break down the ‘add-on’ features that a client can purchase at additional rate(s)

Extended add-on content: Add 1 – 3 paragraphs further outlining what your add-ons will deliver to the client

Call to action: Best practice is to refer a potential client to message you prior to purchase in case they have any questions

P.S. / Welcome message: Places where you can ‘seal the deal’ to prospective clients

Content Guidelines

Do: Clearly articulate your value of what you will deliver upon purchase

Do: Keep it as simple as possible: if it’s complex to figure out what you’re offering, your purchases will suffer

Do: Utilize hyperlinks to highlight your other HelpGrowUSA profiles

Do: Maximize formatting for better readability = better user experience

Do: Reference your “Add-Ons” in your content as that can increase upsell opportunities

Do: Browse the marketplaces to see what others have done for inspiration!

Don’t: Hyperlink maliciously to destinations outside the HelpGrowUSA marketplace

Don’t: Plagiarize others in the marketplace (but if you have write-ups of your offer, that’s acceptable)

Don’t: Make it difficult for a client to understand clearly what they are purchasing from you

Advisors Marketplace Pic

Post Submission

Image Guidelines

Use images that: Relate, in some capacity, to the services that you’re outlining in your project

Use images that: Aren’t overwhelming or crowded. The image should convey a message in a split second of looking at it

Your feature image: Our community managers will take your first image & place it onto a branded overlay to maintain a quality standard of the marketplace

Image resources: If you don’t have any pre-existing images, you can find them & edit them on places such as

Projects Marketplace Pic

Post Submission

Step 3: Submitting & Monitoring


Best practice: Perform a quick review of your work before you submit it

Please note: Projects will NOT immediately go live upon submission


Click ‘Save’: Which is the final action you’ll take to complete your submission

Please note: It typically takes up to 24 hours for your project to go live to the marketplace


Keep an eye out: For messages coming in from prospective clients, as well as updates for when your project has been purchased

Please note: You can help secure more project purposes by being active in the Answers Exchange!